Life is a Game

Posted: 20th March 2010 by Sugeng Rianto in Uncategorized

Do you ever play any game?, Surely, may be no one in the world never play any game. Game can be for refreshing, education, health, training, military, medical, or even world war. However, do you believe that our life is also a game? We never predict what are going to happen in the future, although we make very good strategies and planning, we always fall to the lack of completions of the results. So we have to believe that there is the driver beyond our control of our life. When we do not care that we cannot control our life hundred percent, we have to believe that we hold to something that we believe can secure us, then our life not fall into stress and depression of the failures to complete something perfectly or cannot schedule our plan punctually hundred percent. So people play the game for anything, even for their life, it means that the world can change from the game, but people have less control to their game.